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Friday, January 28, 2011


For all those who live in our dear beloved Montreal, I want to share two things with you:

1) MAISON ECOLONET: (http://www.maisonecolonet.net/)
This is a really great shop! I was truly mind blown when I found about it while I was going to the grocery store.
When I went in, I saw a good variety of environment friendly as well as vegan friendly products.
They sell organic toothpaste, soap, and have variety of deodorant (tom's was on sale there so I bought it), they even have environment friendly (not vegan unfortunately, there is bee wax in it) strong antiperspirant deodorant that is made here in Quebec. They have organic shampoos, body wash and even a wide variety of home products like biodegradable Washing detergents, multi-surfaces cleaning liquid, disinfecting liquids, and dish soap.
The best part is that the prices are really great. All my life I heard that going Green was expensive. Trust me when I tell you its not. You can go see for yourself. If my memory serves me well, 1L of all surfaces liquid was around 6$ (i'm really not sure, it could be cheaper, please bare with me here, I visited the shop like two weeks ago) and if you bring your own containers (it's like those candy shop where you fill your bag, so if you bring your own bag) you'll even get a discount (like a 1$).
I was really amazed since I haven't seen any shops like this in Montreal. And the lady who owns the place is extremely nice.
Next time I'm out of hygiene and household products (since I don't like to waste anything) I'll definitely go buy my stuff from there. GO GREEN!

2)MONDIANA GROCERY STORE (cristophe colomb and belanger intersection, 2 streets away from Maison Ecolonet)
This cozy small grocery store offers a good variety of fair trade, organic food stock and some household/hygiene organic /biodegradable products. There is some vegan processed food you wont find in your local IGA/Metro market (like the Vegan gourmet cheese, or the famous Vegenaise etc). The down side is that there isn't a lot of stock which gives you the impression that the products are a bit old so definitely check for the expiry date for all the things you take before you pay for them. (most of the things I bouth expires next month)
But it's definitely worth the try! And there's some products priced cheaper than in IGA like the Quinoa bag I bought. I know I was very happy to find it because there really isn't a vegan groceries store in this area.

Some of the products I bought from this wonderful place that you won't find in your local Grocery store:
  • Vegan gourmet cheese Nacho flavor: the best vegan cheese I've tasted so far.
  • Vegenaise Original: HOLY SHIIIIITAKE, it's even better than the real mayonaise.
  • Earth Balace Soy free Margarine: I'm trying to limit my intake of soy since everything in excess is bad for you and this bad ass product tastes better than the real one in my opinion.

I also bought a Falafel mix (by Casbah)  that I haven't tried yet. You only have to add water and voila! your falafel are done! PERFECT for my late school days! I'll give you feedbacks when I try it but I have big hopes for this product.
I also bought some TEMPEEEH BURGERS!!! YEAH! burgers made from the best meat substitue out there!
Annnd I found some Tofurky! perfect for a submarine.
For my final purchase, I took (I wish I didn't) a soy pate from Commensal. It tastes horrible to be honest. I will never buy it again...

Here are some pictures:

 I bought it to put it on some bagels for a healthy complete breakfast... but you can't even swallow it, it`s not sweet or sour or salty... i don`t know what it is.. and it definitely doesn't taste like cranberries

This was my first time shopping for Vegan food and I'm really satisfied from my shopping and it seriously gave me hope: being a Vegan isn`t this hard if you know where to look.


  1. I think we live in the same neighbourhood!

    I go to Maison Écolonet a lot, and I agree with you, the owner is so nice... I see her like a "ball of light" (well, that's how I describe some people)

    And Mondiana is my go-to store, cheaper than IGA, with lots of organic and vegan-friendly produces. They often have very great deals on some products... but make sure you check the expiry dates on these, as you mentioned! They also have 3 for 5 $ on small Natur-a soy milk... the best deal in town as far as I know.

    I love Vegenaise... and if you like the nacho flavor, wait until you try the mozzarella one... it really rocks, but they haven't had it in a while.... they usually don't always have Follow Your Heart Cheeses, but hopefully more people buy it now and they will have all the time. Oh, and tempeh burgers are great.

    Is the IGA you are talking about on Saint-Zotique, between Boyer and Saint-André, near the Plaza Saint-Hubert?

    Other great natural food stores in the area are at the Jean-Talon Market (there is Aliments Merci and Alfalfa... they are facing each other).

  2. Thanks for the soy milk information. Didn't notice that!
    Also, I just bought the mozarella one and let me say it was awesome! hah the thing tasted soo good it was better than the real thing in my opinion. I loved the moist factor in it!
    The IGA i'm talking about is at Jean Talon. They don't have much products there. This past weekend I visited VivaGranola!I'll visit Aliments Merci just as soon as my exams are over for sure!
    (and yes we do live in the same neighborhood... how cool is that :p)

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